What to Do If You Smell Gas: A Quick Response Guide

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If you smell propane gas in your home, you need to take quick action. Find out more with our guide. What to Do if You Smell Propane Gas in Your Home First and foremost, if you ever smell gas, it’s crucial to act swiftly and responsibly. Follow these steps if you smell gas in your home. No Flames or Sparks at All Avoid any open flames or creating sparks. Do not light matches or turn on light switches. Use flashlights or cellphone flashlights if at all possible. Ventilate Your Home Quickly ventilate the area by opening windows and doors to allow the gas to dissipate. Leave the Area Exit the … Read More

The 80/40/25 Rule: Demystifying Propane Tank Levels

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Hey there, it’s MS Propane, and today we’re demystifying the 80/40/25 rule for your propane tank levels. Let’s clear up any confusion and break it down! 80% Full – Not 100% When we say your tank is 80% full, it’s not a trick or a typo. We intentionally leave that extra space to accommodate gas expansion. So, think of it as a full tank with a little breathing room, ensuring your propane behaves well in different temperatures. 40% Doesn’t Mean Empty Now, hitting 40% on your gauge doesn’t mean your tank is empty or that you need to hit the panic button. Nope! You’ve still got half the tank left … Read More

Propane Delivery Timing: Navigating the Route

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Hey, let’s dive into a common question we get at MS Propane: “Why does it take up to two weeks to get my propane after placing an order?” Let’s demystify the process. Deciphering Propane Delivery Dynamics Propane Delivery Routing Matters When you place an order, we slot it into the next delivery within that specific route. Each route has its own schedule, and we might swing by an area, say, once a week, planning the next visit for the following week. Propane Delivery Route Realities Our drivers follow designated routes, and once a route for the day is full, your order seamlessly joins the next available route in the area. … Read More

Out of Propane? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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Hey there, it’s MS Propane, and today we’re tackling a crucial topic – what happens if you run out of propane? It’s more than just an empty tank; it involves a few important steps. Beyond the Empty Tank Disruption of Service Running out of gas means more than just needing a refill. It can impact fittings and appliances. Any disruption of service, like turning off the tank, changing or replacing an appliance, or performing repairs with the gas turned off, requires a leak check by law. Instances of Disruption Wondering what might count as a disruption of service? Here’s the lowdown – turning off the tank for any reason, making … Read More

The Importance of Local Expertise in Propane Services

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In the realm of propane services, having a local expert by your side can make all the difference. At MS Propane, we understand the significance of providing friendly yet professional assistance to our customers. Here’s why having a local propane partner matters Navigating the Complexities of Propane Safely Propane isn’t just another fuel – it’s highly regulated and technical. Our team at MS Propane undergoes rigorous training to ensure we’re well-equipped to handle any propane-related challenge. From safety protocols to regulatory compliance, we’ve got the expertise to keep you safe and informed. Guidance Beyond Propane Delivery At MS Propane, we specialize in safe and efficient gas delivery from the tank … Read More

Troubleshooting Guide: Propane Furnace Blowing Cold Air

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Dear homeowners, if you find yourself in a situation where your propane furnace is blowing only cold air, worry not! MS Propane is here to guide you through a step-by-step troubleshooting process to help restore warmth to your home. Check Thermostat Settings Begin by checking your thermostat settings. Ensure that the thermostat is set to the desired temperature and is in heating mode. If the thermostat batteries are replaceable, consider replacing them. Inspect the Pilot Light For furnaces with a pilot light, check to see if it is lit. If it’s out, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to relight it. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable doing this, contact a qualified technician. … Read More

How to Read Your Propane Tank Gauge

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One of the key elements of having a propane tank on your property is reading the gauge to see how much propane is in the tank. We’ll teach you how to read the meter on the propane tank with this easy-to-follow guide. 80% Is Considered Full A propane tank is considered full when the gauge says 80%. The trucks at MS Propane have overfill limiters that prevent the technicians from overfilling tanks above 80%. Why 80%? Like any other substance, propane expands and contracts based on the ambient temperatures around it. The 80% fill allows for the expansion of the propane gas inside the tank when the temperatures get hot, … Read More

Noises You Might Hear Coming From Your Propane Tank

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Occasionally, you might hear noises from your property’s propane tank. In our guide, we’ll discuss what these noises mean and what you can do about them. You might hear these noises from your tank, not the propane appliances themselves. Humming  A steady humming sound may indicate that the regulator on the tank is working harder than under normal conditions. This noise might happen on frigid days because the propane contracts.The way a regulator works is like sucking through a straw.  When there is a lower propane level in the tank due to cold weather, there isn’t less propane. It’s just contracted due to the cold. Hissing  Hissing from your propane … Read More

Reasons We Monitor Your Propane Tank for You

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MS Propane wants you to get the best experience possible with our products and services. That’s why we have a tank monitoring system in place. Read more about the reasons why we monitor your propane tank for you! Why Do We Monitor Your Propane Tank? Here are three reasons why we monitor your propane tank. 1. Delivers Better Customer Service Traditionally, our customers would need to look at the gauge on their tanks and then call us when it reaches 25%. A tank monitor makes your service more convenient, worry-free, and stress-free. In fact, we’ll call you to remind you that we’re coming out to fill up your propane tank.  … Read More

What to Do If You Run Out of Gas

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  MS Propane is committed to providing propane that is safe for both our customers and our employees. There are times when a customer may run extremely low on propane or even run out. This could create an unsafe situation that needs to be addressed immediately. If you run out of propane, follow three easy steps. 1. Close the Service Valve on the Propane Tank The service valve on your propane tank is at the top, usually under the domed lid you see on top. Remove the lid that protects the valves from the elements and damage. You should see a Y-shaped valve with two nozzles sticking out of the … Read More