The Level Pay Program helps smooth out the ups and downs of your monthly propane bill by averaging your annual propane usage over a 12 month period. You pay an average, consistent payment amount each month applied to your account.  Our drivers deliver your fuel on route for peace of mind.  The Level Pay Program is a pre-payment plan that locks in the price per gallon for the estimated gallons for the year. 

How the Level Pay Program Works

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Estimated Usage and Price

Beginning in April each year, we estimate your useage for the year using our forecasting model, that takes into account factors including historical usage, weather, age and size of home, heating sources, and types of appliances.  We then lock in, or contract, that number of gallons with our supplier.   At that point, we use the level pay price, as well as any costs and taxes, divided by 12 months.  This is the program amount that will be deducted each month. 


Our friendly drivers deliver your fuel when your tank reaches approximately 25% and the account balance covers the delivery.  We then bill the delivery to your account.  Your actual usage and fees, based on deliveries, is called the billed amount.  


Each year in April, your program amount will be recalculated and sent with 30 days notice of the new amount.

The difference between the program amount and billed amount is known as the variance.  Please note, we may alert you on occasion if the variance on your account shows us that the program amount needs to be adjusted.  We try diligently to keep the billed amount and program amount on track.  Please know, you are ultimately responsible for the billed amount for propane delivered and any fees associated.  

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel this service at any time by calling our office.

At that time, we will reconcile your account and you will receive a bill or credit for actual usage.  Once you cancel the Level Pay Program, any balance on your account is due and payable on receipt.  Once the cancellation is reconciled, pricing and fees will revert to the rack pricing and any subsequent fees.

Payment Terms

The Level Pay Program Amount must be paid in full, by the due date each month.   After 30 days of non payment, the program will be cancelled.  At that time your account will be credited for any unfulfilled deliveries.  Any gas delivered but not paid for at that time will be due upon receipt of bill.  

There are government programs if you are unable to make your monthly payment, please let our office know in advance and we can point you to their forms and contacts.  

No deliveries will be made until payment has been paid in full.  If you are removed from the program for failure to pay your Level Pay Program Amount, you will need to settle your outstanding balance before re-enrolling. 

How to Enroll

Contact your local office in April to set up a new account over the phone, using your debit or credit card, or bank ACH. If you prefer to enroll in a month other than April, the first payment will be prorated to make up for for the previous months after April. After your request has been processed you will receive a receipt confirming your enrollment.  The following April you will receive the new program amount based on prior year usage.  You may also receive any variances that are necessary during the year if a change in usage or weather is determined.  

“Last year I signed up for your Level Pay Program so I could better budget and avoid a large bill during the cold weather.  When a winter weather emergency hit our state, I was toasty warm with no concerns.  I saw what others were paying at the time and I figured I was paying half what others paid.”  Donald G., Cabool, MO

“I am a member of several social media groups.  Members were complaining about the winter prices and they were comparing current price.  Some even bragged that they could buy gas from their company for a few cents cheaper than some others.  I just laughed because I have been paying much less than any of them.”  Jill K., Fair Grove, MO