Emergency Out of Gas Policy

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MS Propane is committed to providing propane that is safe for both our customer and our employees. There are times when a customer may run extremely low on propane or even run out. This could create an unsafe situation. If you run out of propane, you should: Close the service valve on your propane take. Shut off all appliance valves. Call your local MS Propane office immediately at the number listed below. Emergency Calls Take an Hour or More In addition to repairs if necessary, taking time away from our delivery routes. The easiest way to avoid out of gas emergencies is to have a tank monitor and call for … Read More

MS Propane Weathers Historic Winter Storm

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MS Propane Weathers Historic Winter Storm August 4, 2021 With temperatures reaching into the 90s the last week in July, winter seemed far away.  But in February 2021, a historic winter weather storm, Uri, smacked  the mid US, from Texas all the way to Canada. Affecting 170 million Americans,  nearly 10 million Americans lost power, with rolling blackouts crippling Texas and other states.  It was the largest winter storm related power outage since 2003. State of Emergency Declared  At that time, Governor Mike Parsons declared a propane emergency for the state of Missouri beginning February 11th that was extended twice and ended February 28th.  Despite the storm, MS Propane carried … Read More

PreBuy is the best deal for Propane Customers

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PreBuy is the best deal for Propane Customers Propane retailers are coming off a record-breaking winter cold snap and volatile prices, where propane prices topped $4.00 a gallon in the spring of 2021 in Southwest Missouri. Many propane customers, who did not plan for the crisis, and didn’t have the funds to purchase at the high prices, were left scrambling.  “They were calling multiple retailers just to get a minimum delivery.  Some companies were extremely generous and delivered gas on credit so their homes would not run out. As the summer progressed, many of these customers did not pay their bill, leaving the retailer out in the cold,” reports David … Read More