Propane Services for Home & Business

Save Money, Less Headaches, Dependable, and Reliable

MS Propane is a partner with our customers. We don’t simply sell you gas. We make sure your needs are covered and we offer the best possible ways to save you and your family money. Peace of mind options keep you safe, no surprise bills, and covered no matter how bad winter gets.


The most exciting program we offer. It works great for both large and small users. What we do is lock in contract gas from our suppliers and pass that saving to our customers. When we do this we allow our customers to make low monthly payments over the entire year. Think of it like a utility bill. No more huge propane bills during the winter to fill your tank. This also keeps a steady price of gas per gallon so you never get stuck paying a huge bill.


A program that allows our customers to purchase their winter time propane during the summer months at a discounted price. Pre Buy must be paid in full and deliveries will start mid-September and continue through the end of March.  All Pre Buy customers will be placed on the Keep Full route to insure that the gas is delivered. Think of it as an insurance policy for your gas to not raise higher than that price.


We offer two auto-fill programs which provides automated routed delivery when your tank is at/around 30%. The options are for year-round auto-fill or just fall/winter auto-fill, which is delivered at market price. There are no additional fees for this service.