Providing Peace of Mind


Our programs save you time and money while offering convenient delivery and payment options.  Providing excellent customer service, safe and efficient deliveries, as well as fair and accurate billing, our staff is here to serve you.  For peace of mind when you need it, MS Propane is Heating the Way!


The Level Pay Program helps smooth out the ups and downs of your monthly propane bill by averaging your annual propane usage over a 12 month period. You pay an average, consistent payment amount each month applied to your account.  Our drivers deliver your fuel on route for peace of mind.  The Level Pay Program is a pre-payment plan that locks in the price per gallon for the estimated gallons for the year. Click here to view our Level Pay Program Policy.


Purchase your propane during the summer months at a guaranteed price and number of gallons with our Pre Buy Program.  Routed deliveries begin in September and continue through March, or until the gallons purchased have been delivered.   Lock in your price and don’t let winter prices bully you. Program available for a limited time only each year.


Our Auto Fill Delivery Program provides automated routed delivery when your tank is near 25%.  These fills are billed at market price at time of delivery.

Enroll in one of our convenient programs.