We are experts at getting propane to your home or business. Our Service Technicians and Customer Service Representatives are specialists at delivery and service of propane to the home and business market. You can depend on our crew to be highly trained in the safety and installation of propane equipment and you can count on us for dependable propane service.


MS Propane offers the industry best in safety, delivery, pricing programs and service.

With 24-hour on call emergency services, we lead the industry in safety and best practices. Our CSRs and technicians have years of experience and undergo the most stringent training practices.

We are number 1 in customer satisfaction!

We Offer:

• Tank installations and swaps
• Underground tank installation
• Tank leasing
• Top of the line equipment
• Safest practices available
• Convenient payment and delivery options
• Pricing programs to fit your needs
• Tank level monitoring and alerts
• Customer owned tank maintenance program


MS Propane serves a rapidly growing number of commercial and industrial companies.

Commercial propane services we handle will include special pricing programs for high usage, on-site filling, and customer plans for your business needs. Our technicians are capable of handling the most difficult installations. Large commercial quantity propane tanks can be ordered if needed to accommodate your volume of use. Our propane gas delivery team is second to none and will meet your needs.


Our tanks & equipment are reliable and dependable:

• 40lb, and 100lb bottles
• Commercial tanks
• Fill stations
• Commercial cages for retail and industrial


MS Propane is proud to work with the following industries:

• Construction
• Service stations
• Schools
• Dairy
• Food services
• Commercial kitchens
• Agriculture
• Farming
• Turkey and Chicken Barns

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