Out of Propane? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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Hey there, it’s MS Propane, and today we’re tackling a crucial topic – what happens if you run out of propane? It’s more than just an empty tank; it involves a few important steps. Beyond the Empty Tank Disruption of Service Running out of gas means more than just needing a refill. It can impact fittings and appliances. Any disruption of service, like turning off the tank, changing or replacing an appliance, or performing repairs with the gas turned off, requires a leak check by law. Instances of Disruption Wondering what might count as a disruption of service? Here’s the lowdown – turning off the tank for any reason, making … Read More

What to Do If You Run Out of Gas

MS PropanePropane Tips

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  MS Propane is committed to providing propane that is safe for both our customers and our employees. There are times when a customer may run extremely low on propane or even run out. This could create an unsafe situation that needs to be addressed immediately. If you run out of propane, follow three easy steps. 1. Close the Service Valve on the Propane Tank The service valve on your propane tank is at the top, usually under the domed lid you see on top. Remove the lid that protects the valves from the elements and damage. You should see a Y-shaped valve with two nozzles sticking out of the … Read More