The Benefits of the MS Propane Preferred Customer Program to Protect Your Budget


According to research performed by Home Advisor, the average price of propane tank can range from $800 to $1,000. The exact cost of a propane tank depends on many different factors such as the size and use, but clearly, these units don’t come cheap. Although you can save a lot of money by buying a previously-used propane tank, especially since these units are designed to last decades, there are better options out there.

At MS Propane, we know that propane tanks and gas can be a big investment for homeowners and businesses. Whether you need a propane tank or gas for grilling, heating, or another use, you can expect to spend a great deal of money on these important units and fill-ups.

Since we consider ourselves a partner with our customers, our goal is to not only ensure that your needs are completely covered, but we also strive to save you money on propane tanks in the long run. So, that’s why we have created three excellent preferred customer programs to save you money and provide you peace of mind year-around. These three preferred customer programs are budget bill, pre buy, and auto-fill.

Budget Bill

Many of our customers consider our budget bill program one of the most exciting peace of mind options on the market today. Perfect for both small and large propane customers, this program enables them to make extremely affordable purchases on propane products throughout the entire year. Our budget bill program is made possible by our ability to lock in contract gas from many of our suppliers. We are then able to pass the savings to our residential and commercial customers.

Just think: Gone are the days of big propane bills when you need to fill your tank up during those cold winter months. Because the program features a steady price per a gallon, there will be no more large propane bills headed your way.


Our exceptional pre buy preferred customer program offers people the opportunity to buy their winter time propane throughout the hotter months. The only catch is that the propane must be paid in full at the time of purchase. Customers who participate in the pre buy program will receive their propane between mid-September and the end of March. In order to ensure that all of the customers in the pre buy program receive their gas, we place these customers on a “Keep Full” route. The program can be thought of as an insurance policy for your propane gas.


MS Propane proudly offers two auto-fill preferred customer programs. These convenient programs are designed to provide automated routed delivery when your propane tank is less than 30 percent full.

Why Choose MS Propane’s Preferred Customer Programs?

Aside from the obvious benefits of convenience and affordability, why should you choose to participate in one of our amazing preferred customer programs?

Easy Delivery

Whether you choose our budget bill, pre buy, or auto-fill preferred customer program, all of our peace of mind options features easy delivery. In other words, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just sit back and let us bring the propane to you.

Convenient Payment Options

As soon as you decide that you would like to participate in one of our excellent preferred customer program, simply log into your computer, tablet, or smartphone to make a payment through our really user-friendly customer portal.

If you are not tech savvy or just don’t want to make a payment online, don’t worry, we still have options for you. Grab a check or money order and mail the payment to our home office or you can call us with your credit card number to make a payment over the phone.

Are you lucky enough to live close to our home office? If so, drop by our home office to quickly make a payment.

We offer convenient auto pay options once you secure your method of payment.

Friendly Budgeting

Our budget bill and pre-buy preferred customer programs are great for people who are on a budget. We strongly believe that the option to make low monthly payments or buy the propane tank at an extremely discounted price are two desks that definitely shouldn’t be passed.