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At MS Propane, providing excellent propane services has been our specialty for over 14 years. Our company is built on old-fashioned values like honestly, hard work, and professionalism. As a two-man team, we pride ourselves on being well-trained to complete most propane jobs in a safe and timely manner.

Due to the dangerous nature of propane, safety is always our top priority. When used inappropriately, propane can potentially harm our employees and people in the area. MS Propane has a great track record of using propane correctly so that we don’t encounter problems. We also educate our customers about propane safety to ensure that they also know how to use it properly. Whether we are educating our employees or customers, we take propane safety seriously.

Serving the areas of Rogersville, Fair Grove, Buffalo, Ava, and Cabool, Missouri, MS Propane is locally owned and operated, so you don’t have to call Timbuktu to obtain answers to your important questions. We are happy to deliver propane and provide residential and commercial services to these areas 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you prefer high quality and affordably priced propane from a locally owned company, come to MS Propane where we will treat you like a friend. Our customers are residential and commercial propane users.

For more information about our company, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! Our service professionals are always available around the clock to answer your call.

Our Services

Residential Services

MS Propane prides itself on being one of the best providers of residential propane services in the area. Our company is the preferred choice for residential propane services because we offer the industry’s best money savings programs, auto fill programs, above and underground tanks, top notch equipment, and exceptional installation. Our professionals have years of experience in this field and undergo rigorous training practices; as a result, you can count on us performing the job right the first time.

As compared to traditional, electric units, propane appliances are much more cost effective to operate. Such propane appliances include clothes dryers, water heaters, and space heaters. According to much research from the United States Department Of Energy, propane water heaters cost approximately 42 percent less than electric heaters. When our residential customers switch to a hot water heater, they can expect to save roughly $2,000 over the span of a unit’s lifetime.

MS Propane know the importance of propane applicable. That’s why we
specializes in everything related to residential propane services, from simple tasks such as home deliver to more complex jobs like helping you plan a revolutionary energy efficient home.

Our residential services may include installing a new tank on your property, offering tank recommendations, replacing an old tank, trenching the propane line, setting up the plumbing and piping, converting appliances to propane, installing a new standby generator, performing comprehensive safety inspections, and much more. In addition, we can install outdoor grills, heaters, gas lights, and sometimes even kitchens.

As routine maintenance, our expert professionals will come to your residence to examine, clean, and repair your furnace, alter the range, and complete other propane related jobs. We also offer 24-hour emergency assistance, so we are always there to resolve any issues that you unexpectedly encounter.

Regardless of the residential service that you choose, we strive to execute the job with a smile. Most importantly, our customer service is top notch because we always have our customers in mind.

Contact us today to schedule the residential service that you need. Our experienced professionals are always ready to serve you quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Services

MS Propane is a renowned propane company that is always ready to serve your industrial and commercial needs.

Our commercial customers perform business in industries such as farming, schools, mortuary, construction, agriculture, dairy, chicken and turkey barns, service stations, commercial kitchens, and food services. More specifically, our commercial customers may include those with their own railroad heating, warehouse heating, and oilfield hot oil trucks.

MS Propane can perform a wide range of commercial services such as propane gas delivery, large bulk tank installation, hot air balloon fill ups, and propane tank orders.

Plus, our exert professionals maintain the necessary skills to create customized plans for businesses, implement special pricing programs for high usage, and perform on-site filling.

When deciding on a propane company for commercial services, MS Propane should be the only company that you consider. Give us a call today to see how we can serve you. We can’t wait to meet your propane needs with a friendly smile and a job well done.